Weaver Chiropractic of Lincoln, NE

Providing Expert care to Lincoln and surrounding areas

Dr. Austin Weaver is a native of Malcolm, NE and obtained his Chiropractic degree at Logan College of Chiropractic in Chesterfield, MO after graduating from University of Nebraska-Lincoln. In addition, he continued his post-graduate training perfecting the following adjustment techniques and therapies in Diversified, Functional Analysis Chiropractic Technique, Active Release Technique, Cox Flexion Distraction, and Spinal Decompression therapy.

Dr. Weaver’s scope of practice also includes specialization in chiropractic neurology when it comes to conditions such as, but not limited to, headaches and chronic pain, learning and attention disorders, vertigo, developmental disorders, concussion or stroke, spinal cord and nerve injuries and movement disorders like Parkinson’s and Dystonia.

As a member of Spine & Sports team Dr. Weaver’s skill-set of healthcare and pain management in Active Release Technique (A.R.T) has been enhanced to re-establish proper muscle function, restore proper joint mechanics, and return patients to their daily activities while minimizing the risk of recurring injuries and doctor visits.

He enjoys athletics, music, movies, and technology; not to mention also being an avid Nebraska Cornhusker fan and attending games regularly!

*D.I.B.C.N. Pending Board Examination

Weaver Chiropractic of Lincoln, NE

Dr. Austin R. Weaver, D.C., B.S., B.S., A.R.T., *D.I.B.C.N.

Chiropractic Techniques:
Cox Flexion Distraction
Functional Analysis Chiropractic Technique (F.A.C.T)

Active Release Technique (A.R.T.)
Spinal Decompression

Dedication to Family & Friends

When Dr. Weaver is not in the clinic, he enjoys spending time with his high school sweetheart and wife, Elyse, and their three beautiful children: Peytin, William, and Charlie. The kids have also enjoyed our new addition, Teddy, their first dog.

Weaver Chiropractic of Lincoln, NE

Nebraska cornhusker fan

Dr. Weaver has grown up involved with UNL and the Cornhuskers. He was a computer technician in the athletic department following his brother and 2 cousins in the same position.  His Mom also retired from UNL athletics after nearly 20 years of service.

Weaver Chiropractic of Lincoln, NE

Helping Patients Focus on Health

One of Dr. Weaver’s greatest rewards is when he is able to help patients improve their situation. Whether you are in pain, want to prevent and maintain a high functioning nervous system, or even worried about health, nutrition & weight management, he can help you to achieve it!